Unlock deeper, unconscious truths using unstructured data

Tap into the power of unstructured data with strat7.ai. In this ebook, we discuss how businesses can incorporate unstructured data into their understanding of markets, categories, consumers and touchpoints. To drive more effective and tactical choices, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Hybrid Analytics: The Route to True Customer-Centricity

No more guess work. No more treating customers like numbers. Discover how hybrid analytics can transform the value you get from your data. And explore the many ways it can boost confidence in decision-making, helping you to create unforgettable customer experiences that sharpen your competitive edge.

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Introduction to Hybrid Segmentation

Accelerate growth by unlocking the full potential of your customer data. But how? Firstly you need to understand the limitations with traditional segmentation. We then introduce you to our advanced approach, hybrid segmentation. Learn about the benefits and whether it’s right for your business in our comprehensive ebook.

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Bridging the Gap: Turning Customer Analytics into Business Value

This is not an ebook about customer analytics – it’s about what you do with customer analytics. Making your marketing more effective. Getting, growing and keeping your customers. Creating more customer value. Using customer data effectively means a shift in perspective, away from what the data is and towards what you need it to do.

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11 Proven Steps to Effective Segmentation

A strong, relevant segmentation is the cornerstone of any successful growth strategy. Do it right and you’ll have happy customers, boost profitability and gain a competitive edge. Do it wrong and you risk wasting valuable time, money and resources Download our ebook to learn 11 essential tips from over 20 years of experience and more than 1,500 segmentation studies…

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B2B Segmentation: Your New Secret Weapon

B2B segmentation is a powerful tool that every business needs in order to monitor and manage the constant state of flux in both the business and wider economic landscape. It all starts when you pluck up the courage to start questioning everything you think you know about your prospects and customers…

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Personal Means Profitable

In order to drive profitability, personalisation now involves getting to know far more than just a prospect’s postcode or a customer’s name: it means demonstrating a deep and meaningful understanding of all the things, including the key moments that matter to your consumers. A true understanding of consumer mindsets has always been something of a holy grail for brands…

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