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Analytically driven results

In many organisations, data is fragmented and its potential untapped. Meaning lost opportunities. 

To achieve true customer centricity, brands must extract greater value from their data.

Here's how

Connect the data

Identify and combine valuable data sources to gain a 360-degree view of your customers.

Understand needs

Use analytics and AI to support key business decisions and enhance customer experiences. 

Drive change

Nurture a data-driven culture and empower your teams to act on customers’ needs in a unified way. 


Using AI to reveal and size pain-points, conversation themes and trends from text and imagery.

  • Topic modelling
  • Emotion and sarcasm detection
  • Online customer review analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Brand and campaign performance measurement
  • Customer feedback analysis

Solve your data driven insight challenges, however large or small.

  • Survey analytics
  • Customer analytics – transactional, usage and customer databases
  • Business analytics and consultancy

Use machine learning to personalize offerings and communications, and to enhance touchpoint relevance.

  • Targeting with behavioural triggers
  • Customer retention strategy and mitigation
  • Precision marketing via hybrid segmentation and database tagging

Make market predictions from a variety of data sources to inform investment decisions.

  • Opportunity sizing and market potential
  • Impact of factors influencing market performance
  • Time-series and marketing mix modelling

Use advanced analytics to fine tune your product or service features, prices, promotions, and messaging.

  • Bundle, package and assortment optimisation
  • Conjoint and menu-based-conjoint
  • Basket analysis from transactional data
  • Claims and message testing

Tailor brands, products and communications to current and prospective customers.

  • Consumer and B2B survey segmentation
  • Behavioural database and hybrid segmentation
  • Segmentation consultation and strategic implementation

Discover more

Transform your segmentation with a hybrid approach

Create a rich, single view of your customers, pulling together market and customer data.

Tap into the power of unstructured data

Analyse vast amounts unstructured data quickly and efficiently with’s proprietary language and imagery algorithms.