STRAT7 Bonamy Finch is an analytically-driven insights consultancy providing a unique blend of advanced analytics, data science and bespoke research solutions to uncover growth opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

Share. Retention. Customer Lifetime Value. Brand equity. Portfolio management. Whatever your commercial priority, our analytically derived insight solutions will identify your route to growth.

What we do

Deliver truly strategic segmentations. Our proprietary software and proven processes yield segments that create business value for years to come. We’ve delivered over 1000, and still counting…

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Identify brand positioning and user experience opportunities to drive preference and recommendation. We track and diagnose progress towards goals, and ensure your brand assets are moving you in the right direction.

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Optimise your marketing launch across product/service features, bundles, ranges, price and promotions, and claims, using our full suite of advanced analytical techniques.

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Blend multiple data sources and apply the latest advances in machine learning algorithms to anticipate how an individual or market will behave next.

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How We Do It

Research Solutions

Our senior team of consultants design, execute, and deliver bespoke end-to-end research solutions with a clear focus on guiding better business decisions.

Survey Analytics

Working with major brands and other agency disciplines, our best-in-class tools and techniques will uncover hidden insights in your data.

Customer Analytics

Traditional surveys are now just one of dozens of datasets available to our clients. Our ability to work at scale makes these data lakes more accessible to insights teams.

Multiple Source

We shine multiple lights on your business problem, merging survey data with customer databases, third-party data sources or commercial metrics.

Featured Case Studies


How often have you been in a meeting where you are asked the age-old question “is that number significant?” Our powerful, intuitive mobile SigTester app puts instant answers – and confidence – at your fingertips.

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At STRAT7 Bonamy Finch, we like to keep things as jargon-free as possible, but if you really want to know your canonical correlation from your latent-class segmentation, you can find all our techniques explained clearly in our advanced analytics jargon buster.

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