STRAT7 Bonamy Finch

Database segmentation to improve marketing effectiveness

Fine tune your marketing.

The challenge

In an increasingly challenging and competitive market, a leading UK department store needed to better understand the depth and breadth of their customers’ needs, preferences, priorities and lifestyles. This would allow them to better serve their customers by tailoring their product offering, pricing, promotions, communications and shopping experiences.

The solution

STRAT7 Bonamy Finch were commissioned to produce two segmentations. The first was a survey-based segmentation on attitudes towards shopping and fashion aimed at helping to contextualise the brand within the larger marketplace. The second looked at their existing database and focused on transactional history and behaviours relating to style preferences, channel, price, sales, engagement and 3rd party geo-demographic data.

The result

The big success of this project was in rolling out these new segmentations across the whole business. Today they are used by every department including brand management, store planning, buying and merchandising, CRM, customer strategy and Marketing. When activating the segments we produced a wide range of different material for the different teams not only so they could understand the different segments but also how they would use that information on a day to day basis.

Our survey segmentation has been rolled out across the business, and we are in the phase of arranging further 3rd party appends to attribute to the database.

We also produced a number of database segmentations for the data team and marketing to use – filtering marketing campaigns on specific segments in order to send the right messages to the right people.

It has been really interesting to see which of the materials the different departments have been using. I like how there’s some very quick and simple profiles but you can also go into more depth.
Kate Sargent
– GM Customer Insight & Analytics