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Benchmarking performance from online restaurant conversations, powered by

Testing key hypotheses and benchmarking performance for a leading UK restaurant brand.


A leading UK restaurant wanted to understand how they compared to other similar ‘family friendly’ restaurants across different categories, before engaging in primary research. They also wanted to test the hypotheses that there was a ‘North vs. South’ divide in perceptions towards their brand.


We used our toolkit to collect thousands of social media posts and verified reviews for the brand and several key competitors. We ran topic modelling to allow for competitive benchmarking, assessing the brand for core strengths and weaknesses. And we compared the emotional score of reviews in Northern restaurants vs. those in the South.


We found the brand’s main strength is in balancing a friendly, welcoming customer service while also being quick and efficient. There was little evidence to suggest a significant difference in perceptions across geographic regions. The brand was found to be a leader in children and teenager birthdays, but had room to grow in the adult birthday category and related occasions.


Using, we extracted 40,000 mentions and rapidly created a searchable data dictionary of shows to search through the unstructured text.

Craig Milligan

Global Head of Consumer Analytics & Insights | Decision Sciences, Diageo​