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Increasing the effectiveness of mobile push notification​

Using innovative analytics to increase customer engagement​

The challenge

A company offering car parking location and payment services in multiple cities around Europe via a mobile phone app, realised that they faced two growing customer challenges:​

  • Converting customers beyond the initial registration and first use​
  • Ensuring persistent users remain fully engaged, to reduce churn

The solution

Utilising multiple machine learning algorithms to cluster both customer and usage data, then filtering to predict the anticipated future customer behaviour at various moments in the lifecycle of the product offering.​

Identifying ‘moments that matter’ enable the algorithms to recognise similar customers displaying the same key patterns of behaviour and highlighting the ‘white space’ of activity that can be used to drive additional content and engagement with the consumer.​

The result

Our modelling creates opportunities for engagement via push notification to customers at optimum times that will deliver increased usage of the app and services supplied. It continues to help to keep customers loyal by sharing relevant content that resonates. ​

The system will need to be continually updated as more cities come on board and consumer behaviour towards using the service increases and becomes the norm.​


Unbelievable impact in a short space of time. Analytics across diverse data was an eye-opener, providing clear direction to take to the CEO

Craig Milligan

Global Head of Consumer Analytics & Insights | Decision Sciences, Diageo​