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We used CRM and survey data to provide a segmentation solution that hotel staff can work with.

Improving hotel experiences

The challenge

Our client, who specialises in luxury country house hotels for leisure and business stays, wanted to improve guest experiences to improve satisfaction, encourage repeat business, and raise brand awareness.

They wanted to understand the needs of their customers; what facilities, amenities and services were desirable and expected. While they had arrival touchpoints to ask one or two questions, they needed a more in-depth understanding but wanted to do this without sending a survey beforehand.

The solution

Our client had already started collecting basic information on the traveller and their type of booking into their database. But they did not understand how this information related to the needs of the consumer.

First, we created a needs-based segmentation, to understand why the consumer made the booking and what they required from the stay. From this we identified cuts and combinations across the database and survey data, creating ‘Stay Types’ that provided ta fuller picture on different travellers and their expected experience.

The result

We created ‘Stay Types’ that were very different in terms of needs, service and facility requirement, but easily identifiable for staff through existing CRM systems combined with one question which they could ask at the point of booking or arrival at the hotel.

This has enabled them to improve their service offer, understand the opportunities for selling additional services (like food or spa), as well as improve the stay experience. By understanding the requirements of the traveller (business trip versus a romantic weekend) they were able to add many small touches which improved the guest experience.

Segmentation shouldn’t live with the Insights team, it needs to be easy for staff at every level to identify a segment and act on it.
Kate Sargent
– GM Customer Insight & Analytics