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Hybrid Segmentation for large telecoms company to support new consumer strategy and accelerated growth ​

The challenge

With multiple brand offerings across Mobile, Broadband and TV entertainment, our client’s previous segmentation had aided brand positioning, but had limited alignment across brands, and application was limited to acquisition (rather than cross or upsell) due to segments not being mapped onto their databases.​

Ultimately, our client wanted to embed a new multi-brand strategy to maximise value for the group both now and in a future converged world.​

The segmentation had to be supportive of this new positioning through ATL campaigns, aid media buying, but also be operational for base (customer) comms.​

The solution

We created a Hybrid Segmentation to unlock the potential of our client’s customer data to support a new consumer strategy and accelerate growth. We combined customer data, survey data and third-party data to provide a 360 view of customers and the wider market. ​

Our Hybrid Segmentation was designed to be rich in consumer needs, household dynamics and behaviours. This enabled us to create machine learning algorithms to tag their databases using just customer data (no need for primary research) – ultimately providing a unifying segmentation, with common targets and activations that were relevant across many business functions.​

The result

The segmentation has been consistently influencing executive level decisions for one of the biggest consumer brand changes in the UK market. ​

Outputs delivered across their marketing, brand, proposition and channel stakeholder groups, Marketing and Digital leadership teams and partner creative and media agencies to build early engagement and strategic planning.​

After just a few months of implementation, our client’s repositioning is already acquiring more target customers, and industrialisation into customer databases enables application in campaign tools and decisioning systems for personalisation at scale.​


This is the most useful and applicable segmentation I have worked with in twenty years​.

Base and Personalisation Director​

Global Head of Consumer Analytics & Insights | Decision Sciences, Diageo​