STRAT7 Bonamy Finch

From disparate customer lenses to a unified segmentation framework across multiple markets.

Segmentation for a new build housing development.

The challenge

Our client was a successful housing development company operating across key European markets. They lacked a single view of their customers across very different local markets and wanted to create a single framework for their understanding. Our brief was to create a single segmentation framework to unify the markets and drive business synergy.

The solution

Working across 8 markets, Bonamy Finch developed a comprehensive survey combining relationship with home and community, customer journey experience, and life stage profiling. These different elements were incorporated into a single segmentation that was simple and easily communicated, and yet provided a rich portrait of the potential commercial target groups for the client.

The result

With this single segmentation framework, our client was able to lay the foundation for common strategy and proposition development across its departments and markets. The segmentation now enables the business to use resources more efficiently and strengthen the brand. An activation roadmap is being developed, and the fun part is just beginning!
When buying a project of major strategic importance, it is a true blessing to work with people who know what they are doing. I never had any doubt about the direction of the work, the quality, timing or deliverables. Bonamy Finch impressed with the rare skill of combining in-depth methodological knowledge with communicative skills. The thorough process created confidence in the organisation and I have only received positive feedback.

Jessica Bath

Head of Customer Insight and Brand Innovation