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Analysing use cases and barriers for global software company, powered by

Testing key hypotheses and benchmarking performance for a leading UK restaurant brand.


A global software company wanted to get an understanding of the key use cases and workflows of users in three European markets. As well as traditional research, they were keen on an unstructured data analysis of consumer’s perceptions to the company’s products – split by positive and negative topics.


Specialist webscraping of review websites and data collection from App stores, followed by topic modelling to size the various use cases and barriers that consumers faced using the software. We were also able to compare the brand against competitors across 3 markets and the different use cases: to identify strengths, weaknesses and whitespaces.


For the three markets, we were able to size the different use cases and identified clear areas for the brand to improve through the barriers that consumers raised online (both in terms of comms and new product offerings). This help to serve as stimulus for the qualitative research part of the project.


Using, we extracted 40,000 mentions and rapidly created a searchable data dictionary of shows to search through the unstructured text.

Craig Milligan

Global Head of Consumer Analytics & Insights | Decision Sciences, Diageo​