STRAT7 Bonamy Finch

Using customer segmentation to optimise contact strategy and redefine the brand offer

B2B segmentation in contract catering meal solutions

The challenge

Looking to serve 1 million meals per day, Fazer Food Services was looking to gain a thorough understanding of customer needs in terms of outsourced contract catering. The model needed to be put in the hands of sales and account managers, to quickly assign new and existing customers to segments and also help refresh the brand portfolio.

The solution

In-depth interviews with account managers, and also key customers, identified ‘hygiene factors’ that were universally seen as core competencies. We identified groups with different expectations of food, service and guest ambience. All current customers were allocated to these groups, with associated next best actions assigned by sales teams via multiple workshops.

The result

Fazer launched a new brand, directly aimed at specific target segments, looking for high-quality solutions, with an emphasis on partnership. Bonamy Finch also sized the current revenue per segment, both within the company, and for major competitors. The segmentation exercise was also seen as an enormous PR win – with many customers excited by being able to ‘have their say’!

Thank you very much for the work you did with the segmentation – we wouldn’t have been able to create this great tool without you.

Johanna Koskenkorva-Tapiala

Senior Manager, Client & Guest Insight, Fazer Foods