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Market-level segmentation applied to a database.

Database segmentation for a better CRM

The challenge

A leading cinema company had a strategic segmentation that they were not utilising as they could not target individuals. They already had the data around the demographics and behaviours of customers who booked online but wanted a more market-level segmentation that could be applied to their database.

The solution

Customer behaviours with one brand rarely represent their behaviours in the market. We used a wide range of data sources to layer up our understanding and then applied Demographic and MOSAIC variables across a large branding tracker study, a pricing study, as well as leveraging the client’s online booking database. Drawing upon this data we produced several segment iterations, and chosen frameworks were then optimised to meet business challenges.

The result

We identified distinct groups with different cinema behaviours, price sensitivity, and demographic profiles. These groups were all attributed to their database with 100% accuracy for targeted communications, and the client’s media buyers now have clear profiles to buy against. Our segmentation programme brought about a lot of different actions across the group and put new focus on their customers and their experience.
A big thanks to you and your team for the great work on our database segmentation. We asked a lot of you in developing a coherent framework from all the different data sources – but the segmentation solution you have delivered is both clear and actionable for the different internal stakeholders!
Jo Hyder

Director – ABA Research