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Informing brand acquisition strategy for an artist’s music catalogue, powered by

Testing key hypotheses and benchmarking performance for a leading UK restaurant brand.


An entertainment company wanted to understand the potential value of acquiring a music catalogue of a famous artist. This value needed to be focused on assessing the cultural relevance of the artist in 2022 and therefore the likelihood that any investment would make a return through digital streaming revenue.


We collected over 20,000 conversations from various online channels. Using our toolkit, we then unpacked 4 key opportunity areas – including key emotions, songs and occasions. We also included a semiotic evaluation of images to understand cultural relevance through another dimension.


An objective evaluation of the four opportunity areas brought to life the commercial potential of acquiring the artist’s catalogue. In particular, we highlighted which songs were still popular. And with we were able to provide compelling reasons for this – all using the language of consumers.


Using, we extracted 40,000 mentions and rapidly created a searchable data dictionary of shows to search through the unstructured text.

Craig Milligan

Global Head of Consumer Analytics & Insights | Decision Sciences, Diageo​