Segmentation is the process of identifying distinct groups of people, each of which responds differently to marketing levers.

The most powerful segmentations are a blend of art, science and category understanding. STRAT7 Bonamy Finch is a world leader, having conducted more than 1,000 segmentations to date.

A strong, relevant segmentation is the cornerstone of business strategy. Understanding what makes your current and prospective customers tick allows you to tailor brands, products, pricing and communications to specific groups, so you can make best use of limited marketing resources.

Our Segmentation Offer

Survey Segmentation

We have delivered segmentations in over 50 markets, in practically every category you can think of, at all levels of complexity. Our Market Tier Definition Approach identifies simple, fundamental consumer groups based on category involvement, and our rich multi-model segmentations identify white spaces in complex repertoire markets.

Our segmentations are designed to drive business growth. Our team of analysts uses proprietary software to iterate through multiple solutions – the analytically-driven path to better business decisions.

Bonamy Finch survey segmentation
Bonamy Finch hybrid segmentation

Hybrid Segmentation

Strategic segmentation often requires our clients to look beyond their current user base, but with the growing importance of database marketing and personalised communications there is an increasing need to identify and target existing customers.

We combine customer data, survey data and third-party marketing data to create a single view of the consumer that results in the right business decisions being taken to both acquire and retain customers.

Database Segmentation

Internal database segmentations too often stay that way – used only by the people who created them. We look to democratise customer data, enabling Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) models to work in tandem with external data sources, propensity models and lifetime value.

We work directly and closely with CRM or database teams, often sharing analysis tasks to make sure our segmentations work first time and the segments are deployed rapidly. Our analysis can help rationalise existing paid-for agreements, with significant potential savings.

Bonamy Finch segmentation database
Bonamy Finch segmentation activation


Developing a segmentation framework is only the start of the journey. Activation is where the work really begins. Embedding the segmentation beyond marketing or insight teams is the only way to drive real business growth.

Our suite of activation tools – including facilitated workshops, tailor-made recruitment algorithms, physical collateral, beautifully designed handbooks and talking head videos – ensures your segments become the common currency within the organisation, and the foundation for better business decisions.