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Hybrid Segmentation: The new targeting approach to unify your organisation

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Traditional approaches to segmentation often fail to deliver against all their operational goals. Survey driven segmentations can’t be applied to your customer database, and database driven approaches lack the richness and depth of insight needed for brand and offer development.
Hybrid segmentation is our cutting-edge approach which leverages the latest advancements in machine learning and AI to deliver a truly 360 degree segmentation.

There are many strengths to the hybrid segmentation approach:

  • Enables a single company-wide strategic focus.
  • Provides a joined-up segmentation that multiple business functions can adopt.
  • Product propositions can be targeted effectively to current customer base.
  • Activity from eCRM is able to generate content that drives engagement.
  • Financial potential of segment activity can be measured more accurately.
  • Impact of marketing against segments can be measured as segments are tagged on base.
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