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Top Tips for Perfect Segmentation: What we’ve learnt from 1,500 studies

Webinar On Demand


A strong, relevant segmentation is the cornerstone of any successful growth strategy. Do it right and you’ll have happy customers, boost profitability and gain a competitive edge. Do it wrong and you risk wasting valuable time, money and resources.
At STRAT7 Bonamy Finch, we’ve worked on over 1,500 segmentations for the many of world’s leading brands. We’d like to share what we’ve learnt and what you need to do to make your segmentation a success.

In this free webinar on demand we discuss:

  • Buy-in: Why segmentation is a (cross-functional) team sport.
  • Planning: Why your segmentation should be, to quote Einstein, as “simple as possible, but no simpler”.
  • Creation: Why successful segmentation is equal parts art and science.
  • Activation: How to ensure your segments are embedded across the whole organisation.
  • Integration: How to apply segments to marketing & sales tools through algorithms & tagging.
  • Change: How to adapt your segmentation during market disruptions such as covid-19.
We draw upon real projects throughout the webinar, including a case study for a large global brand which delivered an ROI you’ll hardly believe!
You’ll see not only on what segmentation best practice looks like, but also what it feels like.