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Al in Strategic Insights:

7 Myths vs Realities

Over the past year or so, the evolution of generative Al has drummed up both fear and excitement in equal measures. One thing is certain – it has already completely transformed how we gather, analyse and act on insight.

As with any disruption, distinguishing fact from fiction is paramount. This is especially true in the case of Al, which is having a massive impact in our industry. 

While insight teams are eager to understand how Al can truly benefit them, many myths about its capabilities still persist. So let’s explore…

Myth 1

AI is a


Generative Al empowers insight teams to gather, analyse, and act on insights in ways never before possible, ultimately augmenting human capabilities and unlocking entirely new methods for delivery.

Myth 2

AI will replace
all jobs​


AI will create new job opportunities and enhance existing roles within insight departments, as well as facilitating innovation and efficiency across industries.

Myth 3

AI lacks the nuance
of human insight​


AI can uncover deep consumer insights by processing and analysing data at a scale and depth impossible for humans alone, offering nuanced understanding of customer behaviours and preferences. However, enriching the AI-generated data analysis with human interpretation is crucial for a nuanced understanding of consumer insights. 

Myth 4

Generative AI
isn’t representative​


Controlled and customised AI can deliver highly representative insights. However, as humans, we need to control the sources and frame the context to deliver recommendations with more impact. 

Myth 5

AI is too complex
for everyday use​


AI tools are becoming more user-friendly, with interfaces and applications designed to be accessible to non-experts, simplifying complex processes and decision-making.

Myth 6

AI's security
is questionable


Advancements in AI ensure data privacy and security, with sophisticated encryption and compliance with international data protection standards safeguarding sensitive information.

Myth 7

AI cannot
grasp context


AI’s evolving NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities offer a nuanced understanding of context, enabling it to interpret and respond to complex queries with an understanding of subtlety and nuance in language.