STRAT7 Bonamy Finch

“Empowering data literate people within your organisation to be able to explore the segmentation data for themselves is hugely important.”

In order to facilitate the ongoing use of segmentation, it is key to ensure that the materials produced are freely accessible. Make sure there’s a central accessible location of segmentation materials and subject to access rights at the right level. This should include standard fixed tables, as well as PowerPoint profiling to ensure you have multiple ways into the data. Make sure you have the raw data in an industry standard format like SPSS.

“I’m amazed at how many clients don’t actually have the primary segmentation data – this is the most fundamental output of any segmentation programme! Make sure the agency pass the data to you in a format like SPSS – even though you might not use it, these files can be imported into numerous BI platforms like Tableau and Qlik Sense.”

Integrate the data set into any existing data lakes and BI tools that you have. This is a fantastic way to get the data around the organisation to increase impact. When these aren’t available or suitable, there’s purpose built online dashboarding solutions that companies like ours now offer.