Gauge customer reactions to a variety of price points and promotions


The Coca-Cola Company approached Bonamy Finch with a brief to measure consumer reactions across a wide range of pack, price and promotion scenarios. Results were required to inform corporate financial planning. The research also needed to examine a number of stretch scenarios, including new pack formats.


Bonamy Finch designed a complex retail shelf display conjoint, and interviewed over 6,000 respondents about 6 brands, 50 SKUs and 425 price points. The results were placed in the context of a full-year financial plan, with a bespoke simulator that allowed Coca-Cola to evaluate the viability of multiple strategies.


Each SKU was assessed in terms of volume, value and profit, incorporating costs of manufacture and distribution. The resulting strategy afforded Coca-Cola confidence in their portfolio planning decisions, and provided an evidence based, analytically driven plan for retail partners.