Optimising product range and pack design for BRIO World


In order to create excitement around the brand and extend its appeal to a new audience, toy manufacturer BRIO developed a new product range called BRIO World. The BRIO team needed consumer research to validate the appeal of the range, and select the most appropriate pack design (in terms of colour, design, and branding) in order to optimise the brand launch strategy.


Bonamy Finch carried out quantitative concept testing in multiple countries using a monadic design in order to establish acceptance of the BRIO World concept among the target audience. The research also measured the appeal of different pack design elements – these were assessed against key performance indicators and detailed pack design diagnostics.


The new BRIO World product range was successfully launched early in 2017 with the goal of fuelling creativity and imagination among users, and relate play to everyday life. It has injected more excitement to the master brand and afforded more opportunities for different people – young and old, boys and girls – to engage with the brand.

We at BRIO were very satisfied with the results and strategic findings from this project. The detail and clarity of the findings matched our need to be able to translate into actions to drive the desired outcome. Bonamy Finch was able to make a global conclusion with credibility across the markets.

Michael Heun & Sophie ElveforsManaging Directors, BRIO

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