For segmentation to be effective, your entire organisation needs to live and breathe it. This was the problem a trading supplies company was facing. They wanted to ensure that their segmentation programme didn’t just sit at a strategic level. It was key that they were able not only to identify different types of business customer, but tailor their services in-store as well.

"Segmentation needs to embraced by your entire organisation, across every department."


While the client had an active database, they didn’t understand the way different fields (such as type of business, size of business, qualifications, product purchase and channel) would influence the purchasing decisions. As such, Bonamy Finch conducted a survey with their existing database that formed the basis of a Needs-based segmentation programme. Once we understood the database fields which related to different needs and purchasing behaviour, we were then able to append that onto the client’s database.


The segmentation provided the analytically driven insight the client needed to make necessary strategic portfolio decisions. Intuitive segments provided clear primary target audiences for complimentary service offerings, and marketing investment was based on analytically derived opportunity sizing.

Often, Segmentation can seem like a huge and complex programme of work, but this case study highlights how its the basis of simplifying and focusing your offering.

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