Refine your portfolio.


A private education company in Sweden had grown through acquisition to a point where it had a portfolio of sixteen different brands. A refocus of this portfolio was required to ensure differentiated offering and optimisation of marketing spend.

"Great job – slotted straight into their portfolio strategy planning and could not have been clearer!"


Our robust quantitative survey was answered both by a general sample of 6th form students and a large number of the client’s own students. We used our OCEAN+ approach to better understand the different personalities and values of the students, which was used to create four segments, closely aligned with the positioning of different sub-brands.


The segmentation provided the analytically driven insight the client needed to make necessary strategic portfolio decisions. Intuitive segments provided clear primary target audiences for complimentary service offerings, and marketing investment was based on analytically derived opportunity sizing.

Often, Segmentation can seem like a huge and complex programme of work, but this case study highlights how its the basis of simplifying and focusing your offering.

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