Who are Bonamy Finch?

Bonamy Finch is an analytically driven insights consultancy leveraging multiple data sources alongside the latest analytical methodologies.

We have four main principals to ensure we turn data into insight, and insight into real business impact:

Our Principles

Hybrid approach

We understand the strength of different data types and sources, with analysts fusing, interpreting and getting the best out of data to aid better business outcomes – harnessing the intelligence of data and power of machines.


We’re a team of commercially focused sociologists, psychologists, statisticians and data scientists, with heritage in understanding consumers and data to answer important business questions.

Business ready delivery

We like to create simplicity out of complexity. Embracing complexity, but stepping back to see the bigger picture and delivering clearly for decision-making.


We apply the principal of lagom (|Swedish | [ˈlɑ̂ːɡɔm] Not too little, not too much. Just Right) to make business decisions without over-engineering and unecesary cost.

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About STRAT7.

Bonamy Finch is part of the STRAT7 group.

STRAT7 is a strategic insight consultancy, powered by technology, data and analytics. We enable global businesses to understand, predict and act on change through our joined-up team of over 300 specialists across ten locations. We identify how our changing world influences human behaviour and expectations, and how brands can create value from that change. For their business and their customers.

Our specialist teams also include: STRAT7 Researchbods who provide real-time customer insights community platform; STRAT7 Crowd DNA who provide culturally charged commercial advantage for brands; and STRAT7 Incite who provide research, planning and strategic solutions.

STRAT7 is headquartered in London with offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Leeds, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm and Sydney.

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