What is your Customer Data REALLY telling you and what should you do about it?

Will short-term sentiment translate into long-term behaviour?

How should loyal customers be rewarded in these uncertain times? Is the data pointing to a new cohort of customers that can be targeted? Is there enough accurate data to plan for a wide range of potential scenarios and outcomes?

Join our Webinar to learn how to identify, combine and analyse customer data to reduce risk and increase customer value.

We’ll discuss what you can do NOW to prepare for a post Covid-19 future, specifically how to:

  • GET new customers: Identify and target potential prospects with high potential.
  • GROW customer value: Apply stronger and more relevant CRM to your existing customers.
  • KEEP existing customers: Identify ‘at risk’ customers and motivate them to stay with you.


This session will be presented by Michael Fisher, Customer Analytics Director

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