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Brand and Customer Experience

Brands are a company’s biggest asset. We help our clients build great brands that deliver fantastic products and services. Brands that people relate to and talk about, and that stand out in their minds. But above all, brands that people return to and pay a premium for.

Utlising primary research, social media, blogs, forums and review sites, our brand and customer experience framework is focused on four key areas to ensure your brands deliver maximum value to your business, and how to fix them if they don’t.

Brand Tracking

Your sales data is in, and you know what your bottom line is, but do you know what lies behind the headline? Is your brand driving success, or are the sales coming in spite of a weakening brand? In a world where the traditional consumer journey has been replaced by a stream of interactions, clear data-driven answers are needed to manage and grow your brands effectively.

We combine reports, dashboards and activation workshops to communicate both the data and brand decisions you may need to make. We apply our advanced analytics expertise across multiple data streams – including social media and communications activity – to create 360 degree models of brand performance.

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Brand Positioning

Your brand needs to stand for something – something different. But in crowded, omni-channel marketplaces, this tenet of brand management is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. We work with global brands to understand how they are perceived by consumers, their points of difference, and what levers to pull to stand out from competitors and drive brand performance. We will position your brand within category, emotional and cultural values.

Brand Assets

Distinctive assets earn recognition and loyalty among your customers. Recognisable creative elements such as logos, taglines, shapes, typefaces, colours and even characters all evoke your brand in consumers’ minds at point of purchase. But do you know how strong your brand assets really are? As well as robust diagnostic approaches to evaluating comparative logo designs and taglines, based on the work of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute we have developed a powerful framework for measuring the strength of the whole portfolio of assets at your brand’s disposal.

Bonamy Finch BM messages
Bonamy Finch BM messages

Customer Experience

Your communications may make grand promises, but are you actually fulfilling them? All the marketing budget in the world won’t make up for a poor user experience – and if you’re not researching, analysing and improving your performance throughout the customer journey, well you can be sure your competitors are.

Our CX approach cuts to the heart of the consumer’s brand experience – identifying key pain points and flaws, and also the golden moments to dial up to help convert people into brand champions. We synthesise a hybrid of quant data with consumers own words, through utilsing open-ends in primary research as well as scraping hundreds of thousands of reviews to benchmark user performance against your competitors.

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