Bonamy finch can help turn data into insight, and insight into real business impact.

At Bonamy Finch, we combine data science, advanced analytics and bespoke research to find rich data, convert it into business-ready insight and translate it to multiple stakeholders and teams. We give you direct access to our highly experienced team who will support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your programme. Whether its a simple stratification or a rich multi-model segmentation we can help.

Get, grow and keep your most profitable customers through four inter-connected specialisms…

segmentation bonamy finch


The right segmentation should be the cornerstone of any organisation for years to come. Successful segmentation is built around the attitudes, needs and beliefs that bring people into your category. Unpicking the context in which consumers make decisions enables you to take pre-emptive action.

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Optimisation bonamy finch

Product & Service Optimisation

The margins between launch success and failure are slim, why leave things to chance? We go deeper into the data to fine-tune your products, services, features, bundles, promotions, prices and more. If it can make a commercial difference, we’ll find out what that difference is.

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brand experience bonamy finch

Brand & Customer Experience

Are you moving in the right direction? Our brand and customer experience tools help you define goals and measure your progress. Understand your positioning and where the opportunities are to drive preference and build growth.

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Customer analytics bonamy finch

Customer Analytics

What will your customers do next? Advanced analytics lets you find out. Blend multiple data sources, and apply machine learning to anticipate and shape your customers’ behaviour. Improve customer acquisition, activation, and retention.

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