“Segmentation has the power to be genuinely transformative for businesses. As such it can be tempting to present the findings in a huge launch event. In our experience, it’s much better to focus on bringing people with you throughout the process, slowly build anticipation, and demand.​” Paul Carney

One of the key factors to a successful segmentation is having buy-in from senior stakeholders. When mapping out your stakeholders it is important not only to think about who has the biggest influence over your project in terms of approval or blocking, but also who has the biggest interest in your project. These are the individuals and teams who may be directly impacted by the implementation of insight.

When gathering your key stakeholders its crucial to clearly communicate a vision of what you want to achieve and the rationale behind this. People may find change uncomfortable, but they will accept it (or at least be more willing to accept it) if they if they can see the logic behind it. This can be greatly enhanced if you can point out how their own lives/jobs may directly improve as a result.

Segmentation is often a first step in larger programmes for new products or services and so by understanding the priorities and questions different departments may have, it becomes easier to think about the data you’ll need to collect and the outputs of your work. Engage with your stakeholders throughout the programme and be clear when you’ll need their input and why, reinforcing that you are on a collective journey .

Best Practice

We strongly recommend having a point person within the business, for whom segmentation is a key part of their remit. We are starting to see job titles reflecting the importance of segmentation as a full-time, specialised insights role, similar to business intelligence, CX and innovation. This shifts the mindset away from segmentation being a defined project with fixed start & finish points, to more of a continuous, dynamic consumer understanding programme.

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