“Low differentiation, inconsistent responses and incomplete answers can all lead to poor segment solutions.” Leigh Morris

Good quality data is critical for segmentation programmes.

Questionnaire design is critical. Ask balanced, useful, discriminating, sensible questions. Pilot the questionnaire with real people, in person. Make sure that the questionnaire is as respondent friendly and as unambiguous as possible. Pay extra for back-translation of key questionnaire sections like needs and attitudes that are culturally consistent across the markets that you are covering. Include a whole range of data quality checks.

As well as ensuring the quality and robustness of the data collected, you must also ensure a detailed analysis that will yield results. “Don’t ruin all of that good work that you’ve put in with the questionnaire by giving the data to an agency that doesn’t do segmentation for a living. We’ve seen some shocking segmentations over the years, from huge consultancies who should frankly know better.” Leigh Morris

STRAT 7 Bonamy Finch runs about 100 segmentations a year, using our own purpose-built software. We know which approaches are best suited to different situations, and which don’t. We cut through all the data wrangling as quickly as possible, avoiding analytical dead-ends so we can focus on testing different hypotheses and tweaking different solutions. We create outputs that are easy-to-use and automated, taking away all the heavy lifting from your team.

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