“99 times out of 100, segments live on in other data sources.” Leigh Morris

It’s very rare that a segmentation sits as a single, static information source. Brand & CX trackers, proposition tests, customer databases all benefit from having a segmentation lens applied.​ Make sure that you have considered where the segmentation will live before confirming the segment solution. Need a very short algorithm to be added to a CX touchpoint survey? Need something that a sales force can pick up and use in their daily calls? This info might well have a fundamental effect on the segmentation we create. ​

Separately, tagging customer databases with segments using the Hybrid Segmentation approach needs a thorough understanding of the database before writing the survey or running any analysis. High-quality attribution requires large customer samples to take advantage of the most sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms.​

Finally, algorithms themselves are not static entities. Most customer databases have gaps, and many companies are constantly upgrading systems or processes to create a better single customer view. We should look for ways to improve algorithms as the data quality and access improves too. ​Even outside of customer Databases, we can fine-tune individual algorithms to make them work better across different markets or methodologies, or over time. If an algorithm isn’t working for whatever reason, there’s a good chance we can fix the problem and re-deploy.​

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