No matter how detailed and definitive your new segmentation strategy, it only has value when it’s actionable to every relevant member of your organisation.

That’s why we help our clients socialise their segmentation through a range of activation materials. Different people learn in different ways and so here are different mediums you might consider…

Segment Reports

How you visually output data can make or break whether the data influences strategic business decisions. The quicker the data can be outputted and disseminated to the right people, the more likely it will have an impact. It’s no longer enough to put together excel based charts. Reports should be visually compelling and concise enough for the reader to clearly understand the results and what it means for their business/department. One size does not fit all, and its key that your report reflects they key question of ‘how does this affect me?’ and ‘how will this benefit me?’

Segmentation Dashboards

Online dashboards present the opportunity to have one reference point for all of your materials, statistics and action points. They allow you to easily navigate between different segments and can outline key metrics.


Heatmaps are a fantastic way to easily identify where your brands currently sit and potential areas of opportunity for each segment. They can also be used to cross-evaluate against other brands and identify market gaps or growth opportunities.

Data Tables

Sharing data can be difficult without the right tools but is often critical for ongoing use of the data collected. Bonamy Finch always provides clients with a simple desktop cross-tabulation package that allows people to create data tables quickly and easily.

Segmentation videos

Sometimes the best way to capture the essence of a segment is through video. Short videos which combine soundbites from interviews, animation, music and other clips can be a great way to convey what a particular segment is all about, especially the less tangible aspects such as culture or attitudes.

Segment Handbooks

Many people rely on physical assets to absorb information, so handbooks can be extremely useful, especially when they are short and rich with graphics. Even though they might sit on desks for a while, they can be a great tool to reinforce key segments when different departments are considering activity.

Posters & Banners

Poster and Banners are still a very effective way to have a large, physical reminder about your segments. They are quite cheap, easy to transport and can easily showcase senior buy-in to your segmentation strategy.


A small website can be a great way for your team to explore and discover new segments. This can be more creative and interesting than a standard dashboard but may be better as a launch media than an ongoing resource due to the time commitment of upkeep.

In order to facilitate the ongoing use of segmentation, it is key to ensure that the materials produced are freely accessible. Make sure there’s a central accessible location of segmentation materials and subject to access rights at the right level.

Bonamy Finch are here to help you with every step of your segmentation programme, including the creation and distribution of engaging materials. Get in touch today to find out more.

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