After months of work on a large segmentation programme, activation can be quite exciting.

Sharing all your insights across the organisation, and seeing the initiatives and changes come from them. This is not to say that this step doesn’t require both short-term and long-term planning. Here are 22 crucial questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who are the key stakeholders within your organisation?
  • What insight will be the most useful to different stakeholders and their departments?
  • What’s the most practical application of the segmentation programme to different departments?
  • What are some short-term wins you can use to get the different teams on board?
  • What is the best format to present your initial insight to different teams/people?
  • How will you create a strong visual identity for your segmentation materials?
  • What practical elements will you need as part of your activation, and where will you source them? (Books, flyers, banners, posters, videos, websites etc)
  • How can you add the segments into the systems/processes/programmes that they use?
  • Will you need to score your database?
  • How will you target your segments through different channels?
  • How will you involve stakeholders in the initial distribution of segmentation material?
  • How can you distribute the new segments/hold workshops whilst minimising the impact on business-as-usual activities?
  • What tools will you use for ongoing collaboration with different teams?
  • How can you make the data as accessible as possible?
  • How can you incorporate some form of measurement of impact?
  • Will you need to test out collaboration tools before you activate your segment so people can adjust to a new way of working?
  • What’s the best format to regularly integrate insight into different departments and how will you need to work with different stakeholders on this?
  • Will any training be required to use the segmentation solution?
  • What’s your plan to consistently re-engage different teams and do you have enough content for this?
  • What role will an Insight/Research team play as business actions are built out?
  • If major infrastructure such as a CRM or ERP system change, how can the segments be incorporated into a new system?
  • How will you continue to refresh and update your segmentation work?
  • How will you apply your segments to future market research?

As we can see from the above, there’s a lot more to activation than just making pretty infographics. If you are starting a segmentation programme and want to ensure that you have a practical solution that closely ties back to your business objectives…be sure to get in touch with the experts here at Bonamy Finch.