For many marketeers, personalisation is the ultimate goal – using customer data to reach people on an individual level with the right message at the right time. At scale. That’s the promise at least. The reality can be quite different. Personalisation strategies often fail to deliver the expected growth – ‘it’s too complex’, ‘it’s too time consuming’, ‘we can’t prove ROI’ – these are the type of concerns heard from CMOs and Marketing Directors. Some prominent industry commentators even think personalisation could be dying. We do not share this belief. Personalisation, done the right way, is an incredibly powerful way to deliver rapid growth and improved profitability. In this 40 minute session we discuss a range of key topics including: •    Why some personalisation strategies succeed and others fail.•    When to use personalisation most effectively (acquisition, activation, adoption).•    How to deliver an engaging, relevant, and personalised communication strategy.•    How a successful international brand is using personalisation to achieve rapid top-line/ bottom-line growth (case study).

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The webinar is presented by:

Michael FisherCustomer Analytics Director at STRAT7 Bonamy Finch

Michael has extensive experience in advanced analytics and a particular talent in creating sophisticated database solutions. After starting life programming in a nuclear power station, Michael has since implemented a number of landmark projects which enabled clients such as Shop Direct Group, ITV, Nissan and Majestic Wine to utilise new techniques to connect customer behaviour with one-to-one marketing strategies.

Anders large
Anders SanchoSenior Business Advisor at STRAT7+

Delivering business value through optimising customer experiences has been key throughout Anders’s career. He has a solid background in executive marketing roles, strategy consulting and most recently heading up analytics and customer value management at Telco. Anders strength is in collaborating with clients to create insight based direction to build customer driven growth.