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7 qualities every segmentation must have in order to be effective. How you can use industry leading hybrid segmentation to fuse survey and customer data, creating a single, linked view of the consumer and a segmentation rich in motivations and needs. Two crucial things you must communicate to stakeholders about your segmentation to win their full support. The reason most brands segment on the wrong things and three things to consider that will stop you making the same mistakes as everyone else. The secret to spotting poor quality data and how to make sure you only deal with the most impactful information every time you segment.

How to "squeeze" your data to extract the maximum value out of it and gain competitive advantage - 99% of companies forget to do this and it's costing them money every day. A ridiculously simple financial rule of thumb that enables lasting change, helping you to resist the temptation to abandon segmentation for old familiar ways. Harness the power of algorithms and sidestep the pitfalls that come along with them. Understand how your choice of algorithm may affects how you segment and vice versa. How to convert the cynics and sceptics into raving fans.

Re-discover your customers to thrive in a post-pandemic world

The pandemic has changed the way customers research, select and buy products, meaning it's the perfect time to review your current segmentation strategy. To thrive in the future, you must re-discover your customers by unlocking the insights inside your data and turning them into actions that deliver the greatest growth.

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