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What is Segmentation?

Market segmentation is the process of grouping or dividing an audience into subgroups based on commonalities and shared characteristics to improve customer acquisition, retention and growth.

A strong, relevant segmentation is the cornerstone of business strategy. Understanding what makes your current and prospective customers tick allows you to tailor brands, products, pricing and communication to specific groups, so you can make best use of limited resources.

Bonamy Finch are recognised as industry leaders in this area with over twenty years of experience. Whether its a simple stratification or a rich multi-model segmentation we can help. We provide you with direct access to our small but experienced team who will support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

  • Identify distinct, targetable groups.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers.
  • Create a common language that ties together different business functions.
  • Apply to your database, marketing and customer touchpoints.
  • Personalise your approach at scale.
  • Tailor brands, products, prices and communication.
  • Maximise your budget.
  • Win, keep and grow more customers.
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Segmentation programmes have evolved...

Old World

New World

Demographics don't tell us what brought consumers into the category, or what you're really looking for from it.

Successful segmentation is built around the attitudes, needs and beliefs that bring people into your category.

Behaviours and transactional patterns change rapidly. They tell you yesterday’s weather after you're wet!

You need to analyse multiple data sets through different analytical lenses to power more effective targeting and profiling.

Too often brands segment on the wrong dimensions or use data as their starting point.

Your starting point with any segmentation programme is always the challenges, pain points and questions your brand is looking to address.

Our analytical lenses

Database Segmentation

We work closely with CRM teams to make sure our segmentations work first time & are deployed rapidly.

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Survey Segmentation

Deep understanding around customers should inform every element of your business.

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Understand how different events drive different purchase decisions. Ideal for FMCG & retail brands,

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Hybrid Segmentation

Combine multiple segmentation models to form a unique and more effective strategy.

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11 Proven Steps to Effective Segmentation

Download our guide to find out the essential lessons we’ve learned from over 20 years of segmentation including:

  • The importance of starting your programme with the end user in mind.
  • How best to link your data to your assets.
  • How stakeholders should influence your programme.
  • Ensuring you segment on the right attributes and squeeze the most out of your data
  • Have a deployment plan and budget, and make data accessible
  • & much more

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Our approach

Start practical.

It starts with your business problem. Not only what it is but how your brand can affect difference.

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Work closely.

We try to understand how your business operates and what is the culture.

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Wider context.

We provide richer category context to understand the wider landscape of your brand.

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Stick the landing.

Outputs are tied into tools your team use & key insight shared in a variety of mediums.

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Learn the basics of Segmentation.

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Understanding moments that matter.

Webinar on demand

Read our series of segmentation tips.

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