Segmenting your audience will lead to a more focused approach to customer acquisition and retention but many organisations struggle to understand where to start.

In order to properly understand what kind of data, research and questions you will need to ask, it is first best to consider what you will ultimately do with that data. What is the business problem you are looking to solve? What data will provide the right insight into this? How will you activate that data and convert it into actionable insights?These are the areas of focus that STRAT7 Bonamy Finch think about when activating :

Brand/Portfolio Planning

  • Providing foundational consumer knowledge to optimise brand strategy
  • Managing brand portfolios to ensure brands have distinct targets
  • Identifying target-need occasions

New Product Development

  • Identify white space for new products and innovation
  • Define target consumers and need occasions for new products
  • Optimise the marketing mix for new products & services

Media & Targeting

  • Shape communication tone and content to suit target consumers
  • Inform media planning and purchase
  • Evaluate effectiveness of targeted campaigns

Retail Strategy

  • Messages to take to the trade
  • Understanding customer motivations
  • Understanding channels for specific occasions

Customer Relationship Management

  • Identifying target consumers on CRM databases and tailor communication to suit consumer needs and motivations
  • Enables next-best-action marketing at scale

STRAT7 Bonamy Finch are the experts on segmentation. With over 1500 successful projects we to combine insight from multiple sources and techniques. Multi-national organisations turn to us for their challenging projects, to find out why you should to: sign up for our next event or get in touch.

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