It isn’t that long ago that segmentation was reliant on small groups where qualitative research was undertaken. This lack of data or small sample size was often seen as the reason why these forms of segmentation had not delivered strategic results.

With the rise of the internet, it became significantly easier to access more people in an agile and cost-effective way. The methods in which information could be collected also evolved as people began to willingly input their likes and interests through social media.

While large organisations were able to leverage this information for ten years ago, today this information no longer represents a true competitive advantage. Not only has this information become widely accessible but as more and more data becomes available we only begin to understand that these forms of analysis were far too basic.

This is because behaviours and transactional patterns change rapidly, people migrate between segments regularly and the speed of buying trends is increasing. As such, traditional segmentation only tells you yesterday’s weather, what people did, not what they might do in the future, or how to evolve the category​​.

In our 1 hour webinar, the experts at Bonamy Finch will discuss how to turn data into insight and insight into action.


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