bonamy finch b2b segmentation ebook

While segmentation of large consumer groups is a key strategic driver for B2C organisations, it is something that is often overlooked for B2B. B2B segmentation is a powerful tool that every business needs in order to monitor and manage the constant state of flux in both the business and wider economic landscape. It all starts when you pluck up the courage to start questioning everything you think you know about your prospects and customers and our free eBook presents you with key questions and considerations.

Nearly every organisation will follow the pareto principle whereby 80% of a companies revenue is tied to 20% of its client base. As such companies are always looking at strategies that will attract more of these higher worth clients. Historically these strategies have been focused around targeting like-for-like, or simply targeting to larger sized companies where increased competition is likely.B2B segmentation allows you to work smarter, not harder. One of the most important aspects of any data-driven strategy is the ability to size and prioritise your targets effectively by analysing CRM data, market trends and other key indicators.

Our free eBook provides a good ground level overview on B2B Segmentation covering:
  • Where to start your segmentation programme
  • What does an effective segmentation look like?
  • Firmographic Segmentation
  • How to build on existing data assets
  • Activating your segmentation programme within your business
 & much more!